Serving Camp Families Since 2011

Camp Laundry & Baggage is a camp support company offering the following services:
1. Laundry service upon returning from camp
2. Baggage Transportation to and from camp for specific camps

Our Laundry Service is All Natural

Camp is where many of us learned to respect the environment. So in an effort to reduce the impact that potentially harmful chemicals have on people and the environment, Camp Laundry & Baggage now exclusively uses HYPOALLERGENIC detergent, as well as NATURAL alternatives to typical bleach and fabric softeners. This is now our STANDARD cleaning process. Same quality clean, without all the chemicals!

Baggage Transportation To & From Camp

This summer we are proud to be working with the following camps: Chippewa, Kawaga, Menominee, North Star, and Birch Trail.

If you are sending your camper to one of these camps, then Camp Laundry & Baggage is your transportation service! Click here to get started.

Post-Camp Laundry Service

We offer a "whole bag" laundry service at the end of camp. We'll pick up your duffels, full of dirty clothes and linens, from your house or even the camp dropoff point. We clean the bag and everything inside it! We wash & fold the laundry and wipe down anything that isn't machine washable. When the bags are delivered back, everything is clean, fresh, folded, and organized! Click here to reserve your spot.